Canada Health Infoway Corporate Summary Plan

Every year, Canada Health Infoway releases an annual Corporate Summary Plan outlining key objectives and performance expectations for the year. As a non-profit government-funded corporation, Infoway works with the health care community, government bodies and industry partners to improve healthcare across Canada. The purpose of each annual corporate summary plan is to define key objectives and measures to further their goal. Earlier this year, Canada Health Infoway released their 2015-2016 Summary Corporate Plan. Taken together with the 2014-2015 Summary Corporate Plan, key points with respect to the consumer health space include: 1. Improving the patient experience for Canadians, as outlined in the 2014-2015 plan In the 2014-2015 plan, Infoway stated their support, in the form of investment and encouragement, for consumer health innovations. The work that we do aligns with this objective, as we also aim to enhance the healthcare experience for patients. In fact, patients and clinics who use our system are already benefiting from this. We have worked together with community-based partners to implement the e-booking system, supported by Infoway's e-Booking Initiative. Clinics received investments from Infoway's Consumer Health Solutions program. While still early, we look forward to reporting positive results in the future. 2. Deliver insights on emerging technologies, such as consumer health and mobile technologies, as outlined in the 2014-2015 plan Canada Health Infoway is a major national body overlooking the Canadian health technology landscape. As such, looks towards them for guidance regarding future developments in this space. Since we actively engage patients, clinics and administrative partners, insight from Infoway's perspective will be especially valuable as we continue to grow. 3. Continued investment in e-booking solutions, as stated in the 2015-2016 plan While the key objectives in the 2015-2016 plan focus on continuity of care and implementing remote telemonitoring technologies, we appreciate that the Canada Health Infoway will continue investing in e-booking solutions. Their support will not only help continue to improve our e-booking system, they will also be supporting practices who want to improve their patients' experience. Moving forward, will be working on building a better e-booking platform for Canadians and our healthcare partners. If you have any questions regarding our e-booking platform, please feel free to leave a comment below or email us at partners[at] mapview-popup For more information about Canada Health Infoway, check out their website. The website offers many resources, including guides, best practices, and a webinar series  

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