Crowdfunding Recap


Thank you to everyone who was involved in our indiegogo crowdfunding campaign! Your interest in improving healthcare is the fuel that drives us to make even better. Now that our crowdfunding campaign has come to an end, it is time for you to vote which province we should expand to next. How to Vote vote Backers should have already received an email with a link that takes them to a voting page for casting their vote. If you are a backer and haven't received the email, please contact us at The voting period is between Monday June 16th 2014 to midnight Thursday June 19th 2014, and we'll post a summary of the results after the voting period ends. Backers who have selected a perk of more than $5 will receive another email with more information about their perk. We will also keep everyone updated on our progress as we grow Thank you for supporting! *Note: because we did not reach our goal of $9,000, we will require more time to expand our service to the next province. Thank you for your understanding. Summary of Our Crowdfunding Campaign 
  •  91 backers pledged
  • Largest pledge is $150, with a lot of backers pledging $100
  • The most popular perk was the $1 Voter perk, followed by the $5 Supporter perk, and the $25 Canadiana cards and $35 t-shirt perk were tied for third
  • We have gained a lot of interest from the media:
thestar         3 4            5 6                        7 mobile syrup Thank you for your interest in, together we can make healthcare accessible to anyone and everyone!  

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