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Dear followers, This blog is long overdue, but here's how it all started. Ryan, Audrey and I signed up for an online entrepreneurship course. We figured out that we wanted to work on a healthcare-related project but it took us some time and various business ideas and iterations to finally come up with the concept that is now iamsick.ca It took us about 3 months to take iamsick.ca from an idea to an actual website. We would like to thank all the wonderful people who have helped make this possible. On the development & design side, we are eternally grateful for the considerable contributions of Warren Marrivel, Calvin Kuo, Daniel Francavilla. For their advisory/marketing support, we would like to express our gratitude to the following individuals and organizations: Prof. D'Cruz, Rotman School of Commerce, University of Toronto Janine Robb, Executive Director of Health & Wellness at the University of Toronto Dr. Lowe, Head Doctor at the University of Toronto Health & Wellness clinic Carleton University Biomedical Engineering Society (CUBES) Carleton University Frosh Organizers David Kim, Assistant Dean at Woodsworth College, University of Toronto Creative Destruction Lab at Rotman, University of Toronto   We have lots of great features coming up soon, stay tuned!

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